It’s here!  The first of the new LegendaryFrog Comics!  I thought something lite would be a good way to re-introduce them.  I hope you like the new look!  I planned to do a new background as well, but for sake of time I decided just to reuse a old one for now.

As for the site, i’m liking the way it’s taking shape.  You might notice while the comics act similarly to the older ones, they aren’t flashed based.  I used Adobe Edge Animate to build it.  It’s not 100% supported by this WordPress comic template though, so it appears as news and not in the comic field above.  I guess it’s not a huge deal, but it could lead to some layout problems if the web browser is re-sized.

Enjoy the new wave of comics!  Once I’m into the groove of creating them again I can set a schedule for release.  But for now they’ll be whenever I get them done.