Memes.  And not the Metal Gear Solid memes.  Internet Memes.  I got the rage faces form a few years back… kinda.  (I even wanted to put them in the “Cyberspace Odyssey” episode of Wonders at first.)  but these Twitch emotes and phrases… It’s why I just turn off chat when I watch a stream.    I understand that a sub culture or fandom will create certain quirks that kinda “become” that subculture. But I think these people have taken it a BIT far.

A few of my Killer Instinct chibis have become emotes on Twitch, and I thought it would be funny if they become a meme for something silly…  Like if you see a little Riptor pop up in a tournament it meant “Player 1 has a bad case of gas” or something.  Get on that, streamers.