Temporary Landing Page!

Hello! It looks like you stumbled on to my website. Were you feeling nostalgic about LegendaryFrog toons? Normally you would find an archive of my site here, but as you can see it’s not here at the moment. I’m in the middle of a redesign to revamp the website to be a place to host brand new LF style comics. It won’t be super fancy... but it will use state of the art internet technology to display what I need. (aka WordPress)

In the meantime...

If you’re looking for my old cartoons, you can find them on my Newgrounds page:

LegendaryFrog on Newgrounds

Looking for Wonders of the Universe? You can find that on the Toonwerks channel on YouTube:

Wonders of the Universe on YouTube

We just released a new episode! You can watch it here:

And just for kicks, here's my YouTube Page. It may have some stuff you missed on it!

My YouTube Page

Or maybe you’re even looking for my old comics? Those are on my deviantART page:

LF Comics on DeviantART

Check back later for the new website! I’ll be giving updates on my Twitter:

My Twitter Account

Once it opens, expect regular updates with comics, animated stuff, and more!

Thank you all!

Joseph Blanchette “LegendaryFrog”