Welcome to LegendaryFrog.com!  (Yes, I’m still around)

For the most part, this site is an archive of my older Flash animations.  HOWEVER, I’m still involved in a few things!  Below are some current and upcoming projects.

Wonders of the Universe: SEASON 2

We’re currently working new episodes of Wonders of the Universe!  A new short is currently in production, with a brand new art style.

Wonders of the Universe

Wonders of the Universe

I was a writer and character artist on a comedy sci fi series… IN SPACE. Made with my friends Casey McDonald, Mark Schneider, and Chris Boe.

“Lloyd” by The Cinema Snob

(Warning,  for Mature audiences!)
Me and the guys over at Toonwerks worked Brad “The Cinema Snob” Jones on an animated show called “Lloyd.”  I did the character art!  We made 6 episodes, which you can find here.